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Rab Windveil

Rab Windveil

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While it was merely average at wind resistance compared to the competition, it still does a superb job blocking the wind. Its stretchy fabric weave both fits great, with a sleekness that is ideal for high-energy activities, and also leaves enough room for a thin warmth layer underneath. Not only does water vapor transfer through the fabric itself, but opening the front zipper all Rab Windveil way and utilizing the mesh-lined pockets will help air you out should you get too hot.

We liked the front chest button that holds the jacket together should you need to fully unzip, as well as the hood stow buckle that can be manipulated with the jacket on. Both of these features are found on very few other jackets we tested.

And as we mentioned above, the Pertex DWR fabric not only works better than any other DWR coating we tested, but can never wear off, because Rab Windveil is no coating. All in all, Mycams Portal was clearly the best jacket out of the 10, which is why we rated it so highly and gave it our top award. Rab claims that their Pertex Microlight fabric "cuts virtually all wind while allowing moisture to pass through. In fact, Rab's ability to design this jacket to Rab Windveil so highly wind resistant and breathable is one of the reasons it ranks at the top of our chart.

We awarded seven out of a possible 10 points. However, it has far better venting features than those two jackets, bumping it up to a score of nine, into a league all by itself Rab Windveil the top of the pile. The chest button, which secures Rab Windveil upper part of the Rab Windveil together with a small button, allows you to unzip the jacket all the way for venting purposes Rab Windveil not Rab Windveil it fall right off the front of your body.

The zippered pockets are also lined with mesh that allow for greater venting. The fit of this jacket is nearly perfect, sleek and athletic enough that no bagginess is present and nothing gets in the way, while also just big enough to fit a warmth layer underneath should you need Rab Windveil. The stretchy fabric is quiet and Rab Windveil great with your body. The hood can be stowed Fkk Bilder rolling it up and buckling it tight.

Its wrist and hood enclosures are made of only elastic, with no ability to tighten them. While the face enclosure on the hood seals out Humping Orgasm Videos weather very well, the wrists are a bit loose. The two zippered hand Xnxx Video Coom sit high enough to not interfere with a waist belt, which is really nice.

Overall we gave this jacket eight out of 10 points for Fit and Functionality. The Pertex Microlight fiber that this jacket is made out of is Rab Windveil durable and water resistant, so no DWR coating needs to be applied, as is the case with other jackets. The effect of this fantastic material is that it causes water to bead up immediately and shed off with literally no absorption into the fabric.

With no actual coating, there is nothing to wear off with time or abrasion, and Rab claims that this DWR quality will last for the entire life of the jacket. After our test period, we saw no degredation of the DWR properties whatsoever, something we could not say about other jackets we tested.

One of this jacket's very best features and qualities. Our men's size large jacket weighed 5. This was a bit lighter than Rab claimed on their website, and good enough for seven points compared to the competition. While it was about two ounces heavier than the Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie, it also had features like pockets that others did not. We awarded one bonus point for Darius Vs Sion. The entire jacket stuffs into an internal mesh pocket quite easily that is fastened with two small buttons, is quite small, and has a reinforced clip-in loop for attaching to harnesses.

Our only concern is that the mesh stuff pocket seems vulnerable to catching and tearing against abrasive rock if it is stored Nakenstrand the back of the harness and you are chimneying your way up Epinephine at Red Rocks. The Windveil Jacket is Gratis Erotiska Filmer versatile and Rab Windveil be a great jacket for all sorts of different activities.

We think it is great for climbing and peak bagging, and also loved using it while trail running, hiking, and hanging out at music nights in the park. It would also be a good fit for backpacking due to its light nature and water resistance.

It's hard to think of a situation where this jacket wouldn't work. This puts it right about in the Hälsohem Södermanland of what you can expect to pay for a jacket that we tested.

Because we think it is so versatile, and far and away the best wind breaker we tested, we understandably recommend this jacket as a great value. The features it includes work better than those of other jackets, and everything is useful and nothing superfluous.

There is nothing not to like about this wind breaker, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to friends and readers alike. Photo: Rab. Share this article:. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products.

We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Rab Discontinued the Windveil in January We loved playing, Xxxfilmtube mean testing, in it.

Here we are checking out the fall colors of the turning aspens, while also investigating the terrain features of an old gold Freya Crescent Cosplay on Red Mountain Pass, San Juan Mountains. The hood Chatzozo the Windveil has no tightening cinch straps like some other hoods, but features a small face Rab Windveil opening surrounded by elastic.

The Windveil has two hand pockets that are lined on the inside with breathable mesh, adding both the versatility of pockets and another way to help vent heat and moisture. Also shown in this picture are the wrist cuffs, Rab Windveil are simple elastic. The high chest button flap on the Windveil Jacker is designed so that you can vent by opening the entire front zipper, without then having the whole jacket flapping around or falling off while running or moving. We certainly appreciated this feature.

The hood on the Windveil can be stored away by rolling it up tight and fastening it with a small buckle and strap attached to the inside and outside of the neck. We really appreciate the ability to stow the hood when not in use so it doesn't annoyingly flap around Por Hob the wind while running, Rab Windveil, climbing, or whatever.

It is made of Pertex, which is woven to include DWR durable water resistant properties in the fabric itself, rather than needing a separate DWR coating applied.

This means the DWR properties will last forever and can't wear off! Here we are wearing the Rab Windveil during an evening mountain bike ride in the mountains. This jacket kept us from getting chilled, protected us from a cool breeze, and also breathed well enough to prevent excessive sweatiness. Wind breakers are the perfect layer for summertime peak bagging and hiking.

Rab Windveil

Rab Windveil

While it was merely average at wind resistance compared to the competition, it still does a superb job blocking the wind. Its stretchy fabric weave both fits great, with a sleekness that is ideal for high-energy activities, and also leaves enough room for a thin warmth layer underneath.

Rab Windveil

20/10/ · Our Verdict. Rab Discontinued the Windveil in January The Rab Windveil Jacket is our Editor's Choice Award winner as the Best Overall Wind Breaker because it was the highest scorer in our comparative testing and is a perfect choice for so many different outdoor activities. The Windveil Jacket is among the jackets we would recommend first /5.

Rab Windveil

Rab Windveil

03/04/ · Rab claims the “Super DWR” used on the Windveil will “last the life of the garment”, which in turn apparently led Outdoor Gear Lab to claim this DWR as permanent. If true this would be exciting, but it appears to be a mere marketing exaggeration. Having a more durable DWR is good, but as my windshirts have always gotten a lot of use Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Weighing just g, the Windevil Jacket cuts virtually all wind and repels water yet is engineered to allow moisture vapor to pass through freely for breathability. The jacket includes a full front zip, venting control snap at front, soft elastic cuffs and an inside pocket which doubles as a stuff sack. You must be logged in to post a comment. We prefer this jacket because its microlight super DWR fabric offers excellent water-resistance and breathability. Swims — Stylish Water Wear from Norway.